We are very excited to announce release of phase 4 for our Kings Langley site.

UK Land
Rising land values

We at Herald Land offer a wide range of low entry, high yielding, safe, secure and lucrative investment opportunities around the UK.

Property market is buzzing with opportunity as investors and developers pledge to focus on the UK market recovery. For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK land investments.

The one thing land investment has going over other investments is stability, which is really the result of one simple thing: need. Over the years, it has been noticed that there is an escalating rise in demand for houses in the UK, however demand and supply in this case aren’t at par, and this is what makes land the most valuable asset. Increased demand, in a market where supply remains constrained, means that land values are expected to continue their upwards trajectory. With very restricted and limited availability of land we can build on, it become impossible to not see big potential of UK land investment.

Land investments

Kings Langley phase 4

Herald Land is bringing to you the best opportunity to generate wealth! Now you can take advantage of all factors which are driving land values up and become a proud land owner in one of the most stable countries in the world – the UK.

Coming back to our investment portfolio, it is my great pleasure to offer you one of our most successful strategic land sites situated in highly desirable location, about just 30 km from Central London.

Kings Langley is one of our most successful sites that we boast to offer. Kings Langley is an affluent London Commuter belt settlement served by excellent road and rail links within Central London and the wider metropolitan area. It is well connected to nearby Hemel Hemsptead, Watford and St Albans by the A41 and M25.

The site may be considered to have speculative development potential by virtue of its location on the edge of existing residential properties (subject to obtaining planning consents).

This land site occupies a prominent position and ​​benefits from the following:

  • 100% freehold land
  • No tax
  • No stamp duty
  • No maintenance fees
  • Up to four names on one title deed
  • Title deed registered with the UK Land Department

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The real estate market is growing, and with that there are new opportunities classified under the commercial property sector.

UK investments

Herald Land investment oportunity

Our main focus is towards drafting investment opportunities in a way that make them lucrative, profitable and safe.

We adhere to great standards and take conscious effort in providing investment plans that avail monetary and personal benefits; rather than filling all slots of asset classes with investments that don’t matter.

If your attention is drawn towards a specific kind of investment, but cannot find the right source, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our highly experienced investment consultants will contact and assist you towards getting your tailor-made investment.

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Overheating London and the Evolving North: Visualising Urban Growth with LuminoCity3D.org

CityGeographics: urban form, dynamics and sustainability

Urban policy is currently riding high on the UK political agenda. A combination of the desire to rebalance the UK economy away from financial services; debates over massive high-speed rail investment; the worsening housing crisis in the South-East; and city devolution demands following the Scottish referendum, all point to major reform. As we move towards the 2015 general election, addressing city concerns is going to be a key, perhaps even decisive, election debate.

It is therefore a good time to take stock of recent urban growth and change in Great Britain, assess policy successes and failures, and consider how better outcomes might be achieved in the coming decades. This post draws on map visualisations from the LuminoCity3D.org website.

London and the South-East: Global Boom Region to Elite Island?
London’s recent growth has been phenomenal, gaining over a million residents (+13%) between 2001 and 2011. As we can see in the figure below, population growth has…

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Is Developing the Greenbelt the Answer to London’s Housing Crisis?

Is Developing the Greenbelt the Answer to London’s Housing Crisis?

CityGeographics: urban form, dynamics and sustainability


Following rapid growth and a chronic lack of new development, housing affordability has reached crisis levels in London. Median house prices are at £300k (8 times median household income) while average prices have passed half a million. London is now amongst the most expensive cities in the world, a situation with severe consequences for economic competitiveness and for inequality. Rents continue to increase faster than wages, ownership is being restricted to affluent populations and the social housing waiting list now stands at 345,000 households, nearly double the figure from 15 years ago.

Recent development figures have been very low. London needs at least 50,000 new homes per year to meet demand, yet only 21,000 were built last financial year, and this figure has been below 20,000 for all of the last five years. Nationally around 200,000 houses a year are needed, and we are building around 100,000. These figures amount to a comprehensive failure of national and…

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Article by http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/

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 Herald Land

Buy UK land

Rural pastures have become the asset of choice for investors looking to add to their portfolio, with a new report revealing that farmland prices are rising at a rate second only to gold.

The latest Knight Frank farmland index for 2014 found the average value of agricultural land has increased by 15% over the last year and a staggering 187% over the last decade.

The news comes as the latest farm incomes survey reveals one in five livestock farms are trading at a loss and market volatility in other sectors means many farmers have had to diversify to take jobs off the farm to survive.

Although the trend for investing in rural property is nothing new, the recent surge in prices has been received with mixed feeling by members of the farming community.

Industry leaders described it as “good news” for established farmers, but admitted it could create problems young people trying to break into the industry.

The report, which looked at market results for the third quarter of 2014, found farmland prices in the UK had risen by 12% this year alone,  giving land owning farmers a big asset against which to borrow.

Knight Frank head of rural research, Andrew Shirley, said the increase was likely being driven by a number of factors, including scarcity of high grade plots and growing interest from non-agricultural investors.

“What investors tend to be looking for is a large expanse of land that is easy to manage. This means flat, arable land which does not come with other residential properties,” he explained.

“Much of these large blocks are coming up in the South East of England, but there are also big prices being paid for land in the South West region, particularly in Somerset and Gloucestershire.”

One result of the recent boom is a subsequent rise in the number of deals taking place off the market, with private deals estimated to outnumber public ones by as much as two to one. “Off-market deals have always happened but they are becoming more significant,” said Mr Shirley.

“If land is available publicly this can result in a bidding war so investors often approach sellers to see if they can reach a deal before it goes on the market.” He said investors were also starting to take “a more hands on approach” to the land they purchase in an effort to get good returns.

“Buyers used to be interested in simply renting land to tenants – now they’re thinking about how they can make money more directly through business and renewable energy options.”

National Farmers’ Union tenant spokesman, Chris Cardell, said that commercial interest and investment in land in the Westcountry was already having an impact on those in the farming industry.

“There is a lot of outside corporate money coming in to the region as companies buy land to establish themselves down here, as well as other plots being sold off for house building and renewable energy sites. This is all coming together to drive up prices and rents,” he said. “This is good news for farmers coming up to retirement and ready to sell off as it will guarantee them a pension pot. But it is making it more difficult for young people breaking into farming.”

2008 crash made land a safe haven

Devon-based land agent, Hugh Townsend, believes many land purchasers are making a savvy investment after catching a cold in the 2008 financial crash.

“After the 2008 financial crisis, land became the safe haven for investment,” the farms expert and WMN farming columnist explained.

“Before then there was a market, but the demand was for large properties where the land was seen as an add on. Now you are seeing properties and land being split up, with greater value being achieved on parcels of land.”

He said the continued popularity of investing in farmland could in part be put down to a desire to avoid inheritance tax. Agricultural Property Relief allows land owners to pass on working farmland during their lifetime or as part of their will free of tax, if certain conditions are met.

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Invest in UK land today

Land investment opportunities with herald Land

We offer a wide range of low entry, high yielding, safe, secure and lucrative investment opportunities in the UK.
At the event, we are hoping to reach you out with land investment option and also to facilitate easy understanding of how investing in the UK.

For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK real estate investments.

UK’s real estate market is like a magnet, attracting wealth from all over the globe. We have foreign investors shell out thousands of pounds in our UK investments options because of its great value in today’s time. And now, there’s no stopping.

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