We are very excited to announce release of phase 4 for our Kings Langley site.

UK Land
Rising land values

We at Herald Land offer a wide range of low entry, high yielding, safe, secure and lucrative investment opportunities around the UK.

Property market is buzzing with opportunity as investors and developers pledge to focus on the UK market recovery. For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK land investments.

The one thing land investment has going over other investments is stability, which is really the result of one simple thing: need. Over the years, it has been noticed that there is an escalating rise in demand for houses in the UK, however demand and supply in this case aren’t at par, and this is what makes land the most valuable asset. Increased demand, in a market where supply remains constrained, means that land values are expected to continue their upwards trajectory. With very restricted and limited availability of land we can build on, it become impossible to not see big potential of UK land investment.

Land investments

Kings Langley phase 4

Herald Land is bringing to you the best opportunity to generate wealth! Now you can take advantage of all factors which are driving land values up and become a proud land owner in one of the most stable countries in the world – the UK.

Coming back to our investment portfolio, it is my great pleasure to offer you one of our most successful strategic land sites situated in highly desirable location, about just 30 km from Central London.

Kings Langley is one of our most successful sites that we boast to offer. Kings Langley is an affluent London Commuter belt settlement served by excellent road and rail links within Central London and the wider metropolitan area. It is well connected to nearby Hemel Hemsptead, Watford and St Albans by the A41 and M25.

The site may be considered to have speculative development potential by virtue of its location on the edge of existing residential properties (subject to obtaining planning consents).

This land site occupies a prominent position and ​​benefits from the following:

  • 100% freehold land
  • No tax
  • No stamp duty
  • No maintenance fees
  • Up to four names on one title deed
  • Title deed registered with the UK Land Department

To receive full information and availability please register here



3 thoughts

  1. Are there any “other ” hidden cost that should be mentioned on land purchase? Because I have come across many such investments with hidden charges or legal fees


    • Dear Christopher,

      There is no hidden charges on investment. Land investment is maintenance free, tax exempt asset.

      Now you can take advantage of all factors which are driving values of UK investments up and become a proud land owner in one of the most stable countries in the world – the UK. Changing economic conditions have made the UK real estate market an attractive prospect for international private and institutional investors. We have investors from all over GCC who are very keen on investing in our UK land as UK property market payoffs. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where you can safely invest in a lucrative stable market which is always on the rise.

      We have land sites in most desirable locations around the UK.
      You can contactus@heraldlandnet or call +9714403100, or click link to register your interest http://www.heraldland.net/Eblast/2014/Social/

      Best regards


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