2015 is shaping up as UK property market defining year for land investments

2015 is shaping up year for the land market, especially in the UK.

Herald Land is a specialist in UK land investments, and we see rural properties with economies-of-scale and value-adding opportunities as being particularity sought-after next year.

Herald Land

UK land investments with Herald Land

Fast growing demand and very low supply of housing is not leveling up with rapid population grows, and prospects of substantially higher cattle prices with all have an influence on property trends next year.

For potential foreign investors in land sector, the recovering movement of UK housing market is adding considerable attraction to investment in the UK land.

Not a secret that the level of land supply on UK property market is very tiny, and to meet housing targets this is putting a lot of weight on local councils around the UK. Today we see more and more land being rezoned for developments in areas which had restrictions for ages. UK land in 2014 became more attractive asset to buyers than ever before, and grew in probably one of the smarter thing an investor could do. We have seen further interest from Chinese & Hong Kong investors this year, which are prepared to take a longer-term view on UK land investment. They also typically recognize benefits such as geographic position of our land sites close to London, tax and maintenance exempt investments, stable and strong country, and the generally positive outlook and attractive investment option. Interest in land investment is rising from Middle Eastern investors as well.

Land sites for sale

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Moving into 2015 we expect demand to focus on rural assets offering value-add opportunities through land ownership. Property prices have risen to record highs with increased demand. It is notable that the recent increase in property prices is leading to value resetting in land sale, and we see next year as a strong year for UK land market. To point to the rise in land value in the majority of UK regions in recent years – most of which had recorded double digit grows rates. UK land investment represent a low deflation risk, corrected market place with potential upside on both cash and capital returns.

Importantly, market confidence is a critical component and improved sentiment is steadily building at a investor-to investor level.

Land for sale in most desirable locations

Worn part of Britain

We will be happy to guide you to though all benefits of UK land investment and our easy purchase process. You can register by following link below, and we will be in touch with you shortly http://www.heraldland.net/Eblast/2014/Social/

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