UK land investments

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In this post I will talk about who are Herald Land, why invest in the UK and highlight benefits of land investment.

UK land investments

UK land investments

Who are Herald Land

Herald Land is British owned and managed real estate Investment Company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Our company is registered at Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), with the number 661 in the Emirate of Dubai. All staff RERA compliant.

We are differentiating ourselves from other real estate companies as specialist in UK property market. Specialization, concentration and consistency is the key to our outstanding performance.

We know more and more about less and less 🙂

We at Herald Land offer a wide range of low entry, high yielding, safe, secure and lucrative investment opportunities around the UK, through our extensive portfolio of investment options such as land, student property, buy-to-let, airport parking, residential.

We have genuinely global presence with our offices situated in UAE, UK and Hong Kong.
Our multinational team speak 13 different languages.

With a diversified team of dedicated people Herald Land endeavors to uphold the highest possible standards in everything we do to ensure our service exceeds all expectations.

Our 30 investment consultants includes professionals from different parts of the world…  15 nationalities – British,  Belarussian, Indian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Ukrainian, Chinese, Jordanian, Pakistani, Uzbekistani, Kenyan, Romanian, Sudanese, Filipino, Algerian

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”. A very thoughtful quote by Henry Ford. I would like to flaunt Herald Land as living example of a flourishing business.


Who are Herald Land

Who are Herald Land

Why UK

Let’s think strategically. The market is buzzing with opportunity as investors and developers pledge to focus on the UK market recovery.

For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK real estate investments.

The one thing property has going for it over equity investments is stability. The stability of housing investments is really the result of one simple thing: need.

UK real estate investments

UK real estate investments

UK’s real estate market is like a magnet, attracting wealth from all over the globe. We have foreign investors shell out thousands of pounds in UK investments because of its great value in today’s time. And now, there’s no stopping.

Over the years, it has been noticed that there is an escalating rise in demand for houses in the UK, however demand and supply in this case aren’t at par. This is what makes land THE-most valuable asset.

Changing economic conditions have made the UK real estate market an attractive prospect for international private and institutional investors. We have investors from all over GCC who are very keen on investing in our UK projects as UK property market payoffs.

UK land

UK land

UK land

Land investment in the UK is the best way to generate wealth!

Now, it is the most fascinating investment then at any point of the history.

The massive gap among housing market supply and demand in many of UK’s most popular and dynamic cities is pressuring local economies, and hampering their ability to drive national growth. It’s putting massive cost and pressure on people who live there, as housing affordability falls. Everybody agree across the political band that something must be done.

Garden cities, brownfield land, greenbelt land – these are the main topics of today debates. With vast housing crises all options are on the table to make it closer to the progress UK housing market and economy need. Local authorities are discussing how they can meet these needs not only have new housing, but also truly affordable housing, and that means the government needs to free up the council’s hands to build social homes in momentous numbers.

During last decade some green belt land has already been released and government recognize its importance in housing past, present and future. No one is arguing that there is a need for growth in the UK, and we can see more and more that councils go through a very careful evaluation of the green belt bounties, and the number of houses needed for 2031, and could they be met without building on the green belt.

For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK land investments.

Land investment opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where you can safely invest in a lucrative stable market which is always on the rise.

What plays a positive impact when considering land as an investment?

UK property is now selling in much greater proportions than at any time in recent years, with demand and the continued low supply meaning that homes are being snapped up far quicker than in the past. This increased demand, in a market where supply remains constrained, means that land values are expected to continue their upwards trajectory.

This accentuates the need for the volume of land coming through the reformed planning system to continue increasing at the rates we have seen during the last 18 months.

With very restricted and limited availability of land we can build on, it become impossible to not see big potential of UK land investment.

Herald Land is bringing to you the best opportunity to generate wealth! Now you can take advantage of all factors which are driving land values up and become a proud land owner in one of the most stable countries in the world – the UK.

We are happy to offer you strategic land sites situated in highly desirable locations, close proximity to residential developments and rail way stations.

UK land – your number one investment choice!

  • The pass of becoming land owner in the UK is simple and straightforward with Herald land. These are some benefits of land investments over other investment types
  • 100% ownership of land guaranteed by title deeds with the UK Government Land Registry
  • No TAX on purchase price
  • No maintenance fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Very desirable location, close to existing settlements
  • Excellent road and rail links within Central London
  • Low cost, solid investment of this caliber are in short supply and very high demand.
  • Real property, not allied with financial markets and protects you against unexpected market variations
  • Prices growth driven by a strong demand for land

Land in the UK has proved to be a stable, secure, tangible asset that is a prudent diversification tool to any investment portfolio in these hard times.

Kings Langley site

This is one of our most successful sites. In such a short span of time the first two phases of Kings Langley were quickly sold out, while we are currently in the process of selling the third and just launched the fourth phase.

Buy UK land
Buy UK land

What are you waiting for, come and join us 🙂

The time is now, the right choice is not to delay, the initiative begins with taking action and knowing that your valuable assets will be ones which will make you proud. Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait!

Register your interest here



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