Herald Land’s Bespoke Solutions

The world of property investment keeps getting better for those investing in the UK
The UK has the second lowest tax rate on development at 8.88% following Luxembourg’s 8.46%.
Making the UK even more attractive is the fact that there is no tax on land ownership.
For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK property.

Herald Land - Bespoke Solutions

Herald Land offers tailor-made real estate investment solutions to large investors securing investments of £300,000 to £20 million.

The one thing property has going for it over equity investments is stability. Moreover, that stability is one of the reasons the UK has been such an attractive investment location for so long. Other than the downturn caused by the housing crash – which affected everyone else in the world, too – the UK property market has remained solid for decades.

The stability of housing investments is really the result of one simple thing: need. In other words, there will be a need for rental housing as long as there is a need for housing. That means the housing market is not as easily influenced by every little thing like equity markets are. When you invest in stocks, you could be independently wealthy one day and flat broke the next. It is a great way to invest for those who do not mind the risk. Nevertheless, property is a better way to go for those who want a greater return than savings and pensions without the instability of equity markets.

It is true that you will not make 10% or better with property overnight. Property investing is a long-term strategy that requires patience and vision. However, over a ten-year period of investing in cheap houses in the right locations, you are likely to do far better than most other types of investments you can think of. Property is stable, property is a necessity, and property is not subject to as much fluctuation as other investments. You can bank on that.

Bespoke Solutions

Whilst many investors face challenges within today’s property market, often the solutions to these challenges are based uniquely on a customer’s context.  Therefore, we provide bespoke solutions to help our customers to define, design, implement, and support the tailored investment needs and scenarios that underpin our customers’ business.

Herald Land offers tailor-made real estate investment solutions to large investors securing investments of £300,000 to £20 million. Whether our client is an individual or large financial institution, our experts will source the appropriate real estate in strategic location, in order for them to maximize on their ideal investment. We have extensive experience in advising our clients on joint ventures, and in special circumstances, we consider strategic alliances with us, at Herald Land.

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Herald Land

Herald Land


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