Always at the forefront of visionary concepts, Herald Land introduced the new student property development in Nottingham, UK

UK’s real estate market is like a giant magnet for investors in the Middle East.

Reports have quoted “Investors in Dubai see the UK as a secure country for long-term investment with the aim of using rental income for children’s UK education, their own UK holidays or ultimately as a pension.”

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One of the indispensable investment options in the UK we offer

According to analysis, a large proportion of investors are entering UK’s market for long term property investments as the market is stable and secure, which is providing them with maximum value.

Our investment portfolio at Herald Land incorporates a variety of buy to-let and student accommodation projects which have tremendously gained popularity among the active audiences within UK’s housing market. These commercial properties offer exceptional yields, low void periods, and a bother free approach to allocate funds into property.

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We are the Middle East’s largest provider of investment opportunities in the UK, having essential knowledge about Britain’s real estate market and the property hotspots, for both commercial and residential investments. Our highly experienced staff thrives to project the same to our potential investors and clients.

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Our investment portfolio includes land (in different locations), student accommodation around UK, buy-to-let, hotel rooms and airport car parking spaces near Glasgow airport.

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The current situation of England’s land and what must we do about it.

On numerous occasions, discussions about expanding house building boil down to land – all things considered, you can’t assemble a house without it. Time and again the expense and accessibility of land are colossal hindrances to building homes, especially homes that are easily affordable. Change is expected to guarantee more land winds up in the hands of those who need to build houses.

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Herald Land provide you the best land sites at affordable rates

And the fact is we don’t need all of our land to fulfil the housing shortage. Consider few facts below:

  • 94% of land in England hasn’t been built on and is labelled as green belt.
  • To build 245,000 houses annually, requires only 0.05% of land. In other words, to eliminate
  • Britain’s housing shortage for the next 20 years, only 1% of land would require planning to be built on!
  • Relying on suitable brownfield land won’t be enough as there’s only enough land to meet 4.5 years of housing requirements.

So the next question is, why aren’t there more houses being built in this case?

That’s because:

  • Not all land sites have been discovered locally.
  • Most land sites are privately owned, hindering development.
  • Lack of transparency

Actualizing changes towards releasing land for development will bring down costs, build the quantity of homes assembled and increase the chances of planning approvals in the future. Evaluations suggest a 25% diminishment in area cost and a 5% fall in expenses/fees could realize a 80% increment in affordable homes.

For such reasons, it is the best option to invest your money in land today. UK is one of the safest market and we, Herald Land provide you the best land sites at affordable rates.

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5 reasons to why green belt land must be released for residential development

We’re all well aware of the fact that the UK is facing a serious housing shortage. The main reason behind this is the stringent policies on green belt land. Below are 5 reasons to why green belt land must be released for residential development:

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5 reasons to why green belt land must be released for residential development

  • Not all of it is “green”: The aim behind greenbelt is to prevent a concrete jungle from growing. However, most of these “greenbelt” land sites are used for farming and are privately owned, meaning they aren’t accessible to public.
  • Green belt does not hinder growth: Cities will develop and buildings will be constructed, regardless of greenbelt land sites. Cities and towns are developed and have created commuter belts. For example, London commuter belt stretches from Isle of Wight to Yorkshire. Also, in south Cambridgeshire, there has been a proposal of 19,000 homes to be built, all of which are far from greenbelt surrounding the city. Residents face a lot of inconvenience as they face more traffic and pollution since everything is crammed up in one spot.
  • The common misconception: People believe 50% of England has been built upon; it’s a myth. Only 10.6% of England actually has urban development. Speaking of UK as a whole, it is only 6.8%, including gardens, parks and sports arenas. Greenbelt however, takes up 12% of England.
  • Housing shortage: It’s a simple formula. More land sites released=more houses=eliminating housing shortage. London has 35,000 hectors of greenbelt land and a separate 75,000 hectors or greenbelt just within M25. If you even take ¼ of that and build homes, it could provide over a million houses!
  • Causes inflation: The reason the prices of houses are so high is because the supply is low and demand is high. Especially in areas like London, Oxford and Cambridge, owning a house is not affordable by many. This fails to provide shelter to many middle-low income groups, forcing them to travel long distances.

Herald Land Real Estate Brokers provide lucrative real estate investment opportunities all over the UK. Our portfolio comprises of a wide array of investments ranging from UK land to student accommodation and airport car parking spaces.

Delivering exceptional services to our clients, is at the top of our priority list. Our vision is to build long term relationships with our customers and continue excelling in this field of UK real estate.

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Cityscape Qatar 2015

Cityscape Qatar 2015

​With Cityscape Qatar opening its doors to real estate investors on 11-13 May at Doha Exhibition Center, Herald Land is happy to invite you to our stand, where we will be pleased to present to you selection of the most promising, valued and hassle free UK investment options.

As Herald Land gears up towards launching new investment projects in the UK, investors from all over Middle East are shelling out billions in UK’s real estate market.

Currently a hotspot for investment, UK, have been largely overlooked by overseas investors. 2014 and 2015 sow Britain’s house prices rocketing out of control, as demand is so high.

Newer investment ventures which will be introduced at forthcoming event by Herald Land give attractive yearly returns and is the perfect open door for Qatari investors who are searching for a safe and productive venture.

We will be happy to welcome you at our stand T10, from 11am-9pm during Cityscape Qatar, 11-13 May 2015, Doha Exhibition Centre. Discover more affordable, yet still attractive alternative.

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