5 reasons to why green belt land must be released for residential development

We’re all well aware of the fact that the UK is facing a serious housing shortage. The main reason behind this is the stringent policies on green belt land. Below are 5 reasons to why green belt land must be released for residential development:

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5 reasons to why green belt land must be released for residential development

  • Not all of it is “green”: The aim behind greenbelt is to prevent a concrete jungle from growing. However, most of these “greenbelt” land sites are used for farming and are privately owned, meaning they aren’t accessible to public.
  • Green belt does not hinder growth: Cities will develop and buildings will be constructed, regardless of greenbelt land sites. Cities and towns are developed and have created commuter belts. For example, London commuter belt stretches from Isle of Wight to Yorkshire. Also, in south Cambridgeshire, there has been a proposal of 19,000 homes to be built, all of which are far from greenbelt surrounding the city. Residents face a lot of inconvenience as they face more traffic and pollution since everything is crammed up in one spot.
  • The common misconception: People believe 50% of England has been built upon; it’s a myth. Only 10.6% of England actually has urban development. Speaking of UK as a whole, it is only 6.8%, including gardens, parks and sports arenas. Greenbelt however, takes up 12% of England.
  • Housing shortage: It’s a simple formula. More land sites released=more houses=eliminating housing shortage. London has 35,000 hectors of greenbelt land and a separate 75,000 hectors or greenbelt just within M25. If you even take ¼ of that and build homes, it could provide over a million houses!
  • Causes inflation: The reason the prices of houses are so high is because the supply is low and demand is high. Especially in areas like London, Oxford and Cambridge, owning a house is not affordable by many. This fails to provide shelter to many middle-low income groups, forcing them to travel long distances.

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