Land investment for a brighter future

As England’s housing crises intensifies, the country is heading towards a housing deficit of 1m over the next decade. The main contributing factors are England’s rapidly growing population, availability of good quality land for building purposes and inflation in property prices.

Herald Land - UK land investment

Herald Land offers land for sale, in the UK.

Even though the required amount of houses to be constructed was supposed to exceed 200,000, reports suggested about 140,500 houses being built this year until March. However, studies predict that the housing statistics could reach 205,000 per year if more land was released for building purposes.

Due to the shortfall of houses, prices have reached their highest peak recorded this year.

It is strongly believed that, land is one of the best sources to push UK’s housing up the ladder and eliminate the current housing crisis situation. This would help in bringing down prices and also people will find suitable shelter.

Herald Land offers land for sale, in the UK. This investment type is the most sought after as its value is going higher and the demand for land continues to grow.

The next question you’ll have is about taxes and if the land is registered under your name. Well, this land is 100% tax free with no VAT charges. As far as your title deed is concerned, upon completion of payment, you will receive it certified from the UK’s land registry within 10-12 weeks. Here’s a quick summary of the purchase process:

  • Selection your plot and pay 10% reservation fee
  • 90% of purchase price is payable within 14 days upon exchange of contact (less the reservation fee)
  • Contract are sent to the UK for registration via the Land Registry
  • The Land Registry transfers the ownership under your name and issues a title deed.
  • Your title deed is then legalized by a notary public and authenticated the foreign and commonwealth office.
  • The certified title teed is received and sent to you.

The process is very simple and straight forward.

Join hands with us today and invest in the most valued asset in today’s time!

For more details about this investment option, send us your inquiry on or click here to register your interest.


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