As Ramadan comes to an end, avail attractive offers on your investment choice.

A series of planning reforms were announced recently by the UK government aimed towards boosting house building. These policies are being widely welcomed by the property and construction industries.

Herald Land-UK land investments

Last year only 160,000 new homes were built which is a way short of the 250,000 homes needed

Some of the reforms including fast tracking projects and planning policies. In addition to this, there will be penalties for local authorities that make fewer planning decisions to inject some speed into the planning process.

The BPF (British Property Federation) said the changes have the potential to be an enormous boom to housing supply. Sources added that while the plans set out today are a step in the right direction for house building, the chronic housing issue in the UK shouldn’t be ignored along with speedy delivery of homes. Recent estimates outlined suggest that at least 240,000 new houses are needed to be built per year just to meet current demand and that on current numbers there are only about 125,000 delivered.

Thus, the demand for good quality land arises. Herald Land provides freehold and tax-free land for sale. The best and ideal long term investment to suit your requirements and provide returns on your capital.
Approaching the last few days of Ramadan, we’re offering attractive offers and discounts on your much desired investment options.

Grab the opportunity and book your plots today! Register your details here.


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