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In the first half of 2015, house prices across UK’s 20 largest cities were sighted to have increased by 6.4%

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Rising demand for UK property

Rising demand for property against a backdrop of low supply continues push city level house prices higher. At 8.4%, city level house price inflation is running higher than the overall UK rate. While house price growth might moderate slightly in the second half of the year, it looks increasingly likely that level of house price growth will return to double digits by the year end.

After the victory of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Party, various economists believe that house prices are going to shoot upwards, with the shortage of houses and increase in demands playing as a catalytic ingredient for the same.

There is abundant land in England to build on, and recently the government is looking towards relaxing its policies on green belt making it easier to carry our construction activities and fulfil housing demands.

Herald land offers land with great potential of planning permission for sale. The ideal long-term investment choice every aspiring investor looks forward to. We have sites located at different locations, all of which are considered to have great potential and value.

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