London -Third Most Expensive Cities In the World.

London – Third most expensive cities in the world.

The Knight Frank Report revealed the 10 most expensive cities in the world for property for 2015 – 2016.

10. Los Angeles, US. – $1m buys 57sq m of property

9. Paris, France – $1m buys 50sq m of property.

8. Shanghai, China – $1m buys 48sq m of prime property.

7. Sydney, Australia – $1m buys 41sq m for residential real estate.

6. Geneva, Switzerland – $1m buys 39sq m of luxury property.

5. Singapore, Malaysia – $1m buys 39sq m of real estate.

4. New York, US – $1m buys 34sq m of property space.

3. London, UK – $1m buys 21sq m of prime property


2.Hong Kong – $1m buys 20sq m of Real estate.

1.Monaco, France – $1m buys 17 sqm of luxury property.


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