A Solution to the Rising Housing Crises in the UK

The Greenbelt Land covers about 13% of total area in England, 16% Northern Ireland, 2% Scotland and Wales the only area which is formally designated for greenbelt, which is located between Newport and Cardiff.


Here are some reasons why we should build on greenbelt areas.

  • The Greenbelt has not prevented growth the city from growing – Towns and cities grow by developing beyond their greenbelts and generating a commuter belt as a result. The London commuter belt now questionably stretches from the Isle of Wight to Yorkshire.
  • It encourages Inequality – The Greenbelt increases a sense of inequality as it acts as a wall that confines urban dwellers at a higher rate.
  • The Greenbelt promotes housing crises – The current conditions of England prove to be going through severe housing crisis and the greatest need for homes is in London and the south east – which is the area that has the most greenbelt land. Greater London comprises of 35,000 hectares (86,450 acres) of greenbelt land and also another 75,000 hectares which is located within the M25. Building on just a quarter of that land would provide over a million homes that is enough to sustain London’s needs for the coming generations.


In order to end the housing crises, it is therefore important to use the greenbelt land in the most useful way to build homes enough to sustain the needs of the country for the coming generations.


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