The Exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


23 June 2016 marked one of the historic acts of the United Kingdom, when they took a bold step in moving out of the European Union to build an economic future of self – determination and independence.

It was certain the UK would have an impact leaving the EU on all areas of social, cultural and economic policy since, the UK joined the European Union Community in 1973. The European Union has been one of the major factors of influence all across the UK for the past 40 years.

As the media and markets react to the news of the UK’s exit from the EU, this gives us an opportunity to analyse and discover the various prospects that are available for investors and how you can take advantage of this unprecedented political event.

In addition to the falling sterling, investors from all over the world still opt buying property investments in the UK especially those looking forward to invest in the buy-to-let private sector could capitalise further over a surge in demand for rented accommodation.




Time is Money – Invest at the home of UK property investments TODAY.

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Due to a Sterling rates moving quite dramatically you can receive a 15% discount on a land plot sale


Charlwood (300 sqm plot)pre Brexit vote was 109200 and, today it’s 92820 add. A 15% discount.

charlwood2-surrey-uk-countryside - Copy

A car parking space which was 140,000 is now 119,00, that’s 15%.

Park First van car aprk

Take advantage now as Sterling will soon recover.

*. The above assumes pre-Brexit rate of 5.6 aged to GBP and 4.76 as of today’s rate.

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