Brexit & The Currency – Now in your Favour


During the outcome of the Brexit, the value of the Sterling fell, marking more opportunities for UK property investors.

At the time of the verdict that UK has voted to leave the EU, the reaction received from the news witnessed a downfall in the value of the pound, thus creating uncertainty for some investors but on the other hand an exceptional opportunity for international investors.

Ever since the referendum, the markets have continued to waver further low of £0.97 on 6 July, before fast-tracking a recovery at a period of greater political and economic certainty.

Apart from Brexit concerns, currency markets have become calm as the pound bounced back to around £1.02 on Wednesday 29th June, as the FTSE 100 surpassed its pre – Brexit high.

This is set to be a remarkable result for the short and long term prospects for the UK as the world realizes that the UK economy is not alone known for its role in the European market.

It’s a great time indeed for sterling buyers as they can take advantage of the currency exchange rates by forward buying their currency at a given fixed rate without having the trouble to pay the full amount right away.


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