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If you have been planning to invest on land or property in the UK real estate market, then you may have to take a step further in considering our Herald Land experts in this regard.

  1. The land we offer:

We carefully select and research a land for investment and also provide our clients with the same.

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Land investments is a profitable and secure investment option in the UK real estate market that has never failed to guarantee better results. It is the safest way investors can invest their money in.

  1. Accommodation Facility


We offer some of the most attractive and first class student property in some of the well-known universities of the UK. Investing in student property assures in yielding a profit up to 9%.

  1. Airport Parking

Airport car parking at Manchester, Glasgow and Gatwick have immense possibilities of expansion are regarded for yielding the highest rate of returns up to 12%.

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Here’s are the reasons why choosing Herald Land for your investments will be one of the best decisions of your life.

  • Here at Herald Land we have maintained high standards of professionalism in the field since 2009.
  • We have developed a trustworthy and long term relationship with our clients and will continue to do so.
  • We have some of the most highly qualified consultants on board who have years of experience in identifying the best investment options in the UK real estate market.
  • We support, guide and assist our clients in making the right and profitable investments in UK. Herald Land incorporates its core values and principles in everything that they do for the satisfaction & benefit of their customers.


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Residential property prices in England could hike to £1 Million by 2037

Prices in England are set to average over £300,000 in the next decade if they increase as much as they have in the last 10 years, new research shows.


In London prices are expected to rise over £800,000 and in the South East of England it would be over £445,000 according to a study noted from an online estate agent eMoov.

The report further states that since the last decade prices in England have increased by 29% and a similar kind of increase expected now and 2027 would see average house values rise to £301,864. In that case, in London prices would rise to 80% to £866,719 and in the South-East price values are expected to rise of 43% to £445.159.

For instance, in the North-West prices would increase to just £158,131 and in the East and West Midlands it would be £205,870 and £183,883.

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