Residential property prices in England could hike to £1 Million by 2037

Prices in England are set to average over £300,000 in the next decade if they increase as much as they have in the last 10 years, new research shows.


In London prices are expected to rise over £800,000 and in the South East of England it would be over £445,000 according to a study noted from an online estate agent eMoov.

The report further states that since the last decade prices in England have increased by 29% and a similar kind of increase expected now and 2027 would see average house values rise to £301,864. In that case, in London prices would rise to 80% to £866,719 and in the South-East price values are expected to rise of 43% to £445.159.

For instance, in the North-West prices would increase to just £158,131 and in the East and West Midlands it would be £205,870 and £183,883.

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