Great Investment Opportunity in Bromley

Herald Land offers you a great investment opportunity located within the London Borough of Bromley; a distinctive part of London’s suburbs that is closely connected to London’s economy, and has one of the largest economies south of the Thames.

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In close proximity to this site are some added facilities such as  local shops, businesses, sports and leisure facilities, schools, clinics, banks, post offices and wide range of entertainment facilities.

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Employment rate in the Borough has been forecasted for an increase by 22% that is 141,000 jobs in 2031 according to GLA 2016 Labour Market Projections.

Bromley is highly known to be one of the largest and progressive economies of London boroughs outside the Central Activities Zone.

Another highlight of this is site is Bromley is situated in an area that is high on employment and local centres provide employment in all sectors except the heavy industry.

Bromley is a well-connected area which is easy to commute from Central London that also has great job prospects in all sectors.

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