Invest in the UK’s Next Biggest Asset Class

With many UK universities continue to attract an ample number of students, projections for 2017 will see investment in Purpose Built Student Accommodation market achieve record levels again with a forecast of £5.3bn to be traded by the end of the year which is a 17% annual increase.


According to latest figures by UCAS, 493,860 students have been accepted to university courses which means the momentum in the purpose-built student sector is expected to increase.


However, Lower pound rates have not seen any length of investor interest drop but instead has made international buyers more eager to capitalize.

One of the major driving force in the student accommodation investment market has been the overseas capital due to international buyers taking advantage of the fall in sterling, which has ultimately doubled their share of the market between 2015 and 2016, growing from 35% to 64%.

Managing Director at PrinvestUK, Aaron Campbell said, that purpose-built student accommodation “is now a property investment powerhouse in its own right”.

He also added, “the student accommodation market continues to attract investors globally, all aiming to capitalize on the UK’s systematic scarcity of stock and the continuing strength of the sector’s performance.”

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