The UK is NEVER boring: Top events happening in the region

The UK is NEVER boring and is known for its investments, but rather for its culture, shopping, and night-life. The diverse population with welcomed people from all over the globe has shaped the UK to become a tolerable and happy society.

Different celebrations and events take place in different parts of the UK all year round. Here are just some of the events for the year of 2018:

Liverpool International Free Music Festival   

Enjoying great concert

Taking place at Sefton Park, the Liverpool International Music Festival is a fan favorite. The stage houses global household names along with emerging new talents to discover.

The festival pays tribute to the city’s everlasting relationship with art, music, and creativity.

Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta

Hot air baloon in Cappadocia

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is the largest annual meeting of hot air balloons with over 100 air balloons take off at the break of dawn and dusk, lighting up the sky to the rhythm of the music.

Totally Thames Festival

A chance to explore the River Thames with a programme that is aimed to inspire and connect society throughout the month of September.

“An incredible celebration, and with something for everyone, it will give all Londoners the opportunity to explore the terrific Thames”- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

London Design Festival

Image result for london design fes

The annual event is held to celebrate and promote London as the official design capital of the world and to push the creativity in the community.

NFL International Series- Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders

Stadium at night

NFL London offers fans across the United Kingdom to watch the biggest stars and games in the world of American football.

NFL International Series- Tennessee Titans vs Los Angeles Chargers

NFL London offers fans across the United Kingdom to watch the biggest stars and games in the world of American football.

Salisbury Christmas Market

Christmas parties are the best with friendsFound at the heart of Salisbury, the Christmas Market houses a mixture of new and returning exhibits with tons of food to enjoy.

London New Year’s Eve Fireworks


The largest annual New Year’s Eve fireworks in the UK to ring at midnight over the London Eye.



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