Holmer Green Moves Closer to Planning Permission

South Bucks and Chiltern Councils have identified our site in Holmer Green as one that has Planning Potential.
In a Consultation Document called ‘GREEN BELT PREFERRED OPTIONS CONSULTATION’ our site has been selected as one that may be removed from the Green Belt.
Holmer Green Site
Last week our Managing Director, Bob Clarke met with Developers and Planners to discuss “what next”
Many companies show their keen interest to be part of our future plans for this site.
In our opinion, the value of each plot has already increased, due to this news.
 south bucks plan
Yet another reason why Herald Land is the Market Leader in what we do.

Here’s why Stoke on Trent could be your next investment destination

Herald Land gives you an opportunity to invest in England’s West Midlands region, Stoke on Trent, which is just an hour’s drive from Liverpool and Manchester and a 90 minute train ride from London.

qstudios- stoke.png

Being the UK’s second fastest growing economy since the last five years, stoke on Trent is growing from strength to strength with more than £1.5 billion regeneration funding being invested over the next decade.

Stoke is one of the most recognized student homes in the UK with 22,700 students enrolled at Keele University and Staffordshire University. Being Europe’s current city of sport and a UK city of culture nominee, Stoke is one of the greenest cities in the UK with over 1,380 hectares of open green space.


Currently, the total number of purpose built bed spaces in Stoke on Trent (including university owned stock) account up to 4,779.

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Great Investment Opportunity in Bromley

Herald Land offers you a great investment opportunity located within the London Borough of Bromley; a distinctive part of London’s suburbs that is closely connected to London’s economy, and has one of the largest economies south of the Thames.

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In close proximity to this site are some added facilities such as  local shops, businesses, sports and leisure facilities, schools, clinics, banks, post offices and wide range of entertainment facilities.

Image result for bromley post office

Image result for bromley clinic

Employment rate in the Borough has been forecasted for an increase by 22% that is 141,000 jobs in 2031 according to GLA 2016 Labour Market Projections.

Bromley is highly known to be one of the largest and progressive economies of London boroughs outside the Central Activities Zone.

Another highlight of this is site is Bromley is situated in an area that is high on employment and local centres provide employment in all sectors except the heavy industry.

Bromley is a well-connected area which is easy to commute from Central London that also has great job prospects in all sectors.

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Investment Success Begins here.

If you have been planning to invest on land or property in the UK real estate market, then you may have to take a step further in considering our Herald Land experts in this regard.

  1. The land we offer:

We carefully select and research a land for investment and also provide our clients with the same.

charlwood2-surrey-uk-countryside - Copy

Land investments is a profitable and secure investment option in the UK real estate market that has never failed to guarantee better results. It is the safest way investors can invest their money in.

  1. Accommodation Facility


We offer some of the most attractive and first class student property in some of the well-known universities of the UK. Investing in student property assures in yielding a profit up to 9%.

  1. Airport Parking

Airport car parking at Manchester, Glasgow and Gatwick have immense possibilities of expansion are regarded for yielding the highest rate of returns up to 12%.

Image result for airport car park

Here’s are the reasons why choosing Herald Land for your investments will be one of the best decisions of your life.

  • Here at Herald Land we have maintained high standards of professionalism in the field since 2009.
  • We have developed a trustworthy and long term relationship with our clients and will continue to do so.
  • We have some of the most highly qualified consultants on board who have years of experience in identifying the best investment options in the UK real estate market.
  • We support, guide and assist our clients in making the right and profitable investments in UK. Herald Land incorporates its core values and principles in everything that they do for the satisfaction & benefit of their customers.


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Residential property prices in England could hike to £1 Million by 2037

Prices in England are set to average over £300,000 in the next decade if they increase as much as they have in the last 10 years, new research shows.


In London prices are expected to rise over £800,000 and in the South East of England it would be over £445,000 according to a study noted from an online estate agent eMoov.

The report further states that since the last decade prices in England have increased by 29% and a similar kind of increase expected now and 2027 would see average house values rise to £301,864. In that case, in London prices would rise to 80% to £866,719 and in the South-East price values are expected to rise of 43% to £445.159.

For instance, in the North-West prices would increase to just £158,131 and in the East and West Midlands it would be £205,870 and £183,883.

To read more: http://www.propertywire.com/news/uk/average-house-price-england-reach-close-1-million-2037/

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More homes set to be built to tackle housing crisis

An immediate need for more housing makes West Berkshire councilors approve planning permission for a 157-home development on land between Newbury and Greenham.

charlwood2-surrey-uk-countryside - Copy

Jeff Beck at a meeting of West Berkshire Council’s western area planning committee proposed approval of the development stated,” if the development goes ahead there will be a considerable gap. It’s been pointed out that we do have a dire need for housing in the area”.


The proposal was brought in after lengthy discussions to ensure the constant maintenance of the land along with the protection of great crested new habitats, which can be found in the area.

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More homes coming up in Manchester

Manchester aims to build 2,000 new homes a year with cities in the UK facing lack of affordable homes.


The plan was made to accelerate the delivery of affordable homes and has drawn up a housing affordability framework which aims to guarantee a strong supply of decent, secure housing to rent or buy for those under the average household income.

This strategy aims to cover a range of tenures such as social housing, reasonable rent properties, shared ownership or shared equity as well as rent to buy homes.

Bernard Priest, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council stated, “Manchester is leading the way to ensure the city can deliver decent and secure housing that meets the basic requirements of the residents that belong to the below the average income of the city.”

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Planning to move to the UK? Here’s your list of the Top 10 UK property hotspots

As the New Year sets in, here’s a list of the Top 10 UK property Hotspots. The list excludes London where on average the prices have increased by 84.7% according to a property website Rightmove.

Cambridge has topped the list of property hotspots in the UK since the last decade.


  1. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

      £264,227 -£463,093 +75.3%

  1. Walton on Thames, Surrey

     £386,427 – £663,811 +71.8%

  1. Whitsable, Kent

     £228,786 – £388,986 + 70%

  1. Maidenhead, Berkshire

     £326,454 – £539,653 +65.3%

  1. Leigh on Sea, Essex

     £238,748 – £394,333 +65.2%

  1. Slough, Berkshire

     £221,457 – £363,381 + 64.1%

  1. Oxford, Oxfordshire

     £287,825 – £471,087 + 63.7%

  1. Loughton, Essex

     £335,011 – £547,795 +63.5%

  1. Bracknell, Berkshire

     £238,758 – £383,022 +60.4%

  1. Watford, Hertfordshire

     £273,902 – £439,400 + 60.4%


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The Best Social Media App of 2016 – Instagram

Just give it a thought of how our Instagram feeds looked last year versus how it looks this year.

Find the difference?

Image result for instagram over the years

Instagram has been positioned the third most popular social media app and the best social media app of 2016.

Instagram has evolved as a huge platform and offers users the familiarity of features from various social media platforms like linking connections from Facebook, scrubbing and searching videos like on YouTube, discover people and trends like on Twitter. Which are all available now in one place.

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House prices in the United Kingdom have risen again by 7.7% following a review in wake of Brexit vote

UK House prices have risen, suggesting that the market has stabilised following a few uncertain months after the UK’s vote to leave the EU. Growth of 7.7% took the average UK house price to £218,000.


Data from ONS shows house prices are continuing to grow month by month, with the changes to stamp duty and the Brexit vote not resulting in a decline in average prices.


An emerging trend is a reducing volume of sales. Current transaction volumes are lower than in 2014, 2015 and the start of 2016, suggesting a degree of caution and uncertainty in the market.




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