Homeowners in the wealthiest parts of the UK must accept new housing plans

Homeowners in the wealthiest parts of the UK must accept new housing plans

Homeowners in wealthy parts of the UK will be forced to accept proposals for new homes in order to tackle Britain’s housing crisis, the UK Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has said.

The UK government wants communities that have benefitted from growth in property prices to help tackle the shortage of housing in Britain.

New rules to increase council housing targets will be published in the next three weeks.

To read more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/04/families-living-wealthiest-parts-country-must-accept-new-homes/    

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UK’s ultra-modern and best performing asset class is on offer!

Why Invest in Student Property?

Student property is currently not only the best performing asset class but also one of the most lucrative and simplest way to fill your pockets with more income.


Herald Land is pleased to launch a brand new purpose-built student accommodation investment, Aura located in Liverpool, the UK’s most dynamic city till date.

Some of the Highlights of this development are:

9% annual NET income for 5 years

Standard en-suite from £59,950

  • Modern en-suite and self-contained studio apartments
  • Sold on a 250-year leasehold
  • Established UK Developer
  • Desirable Knowledge Quarter location
  • Fully furnished en-suite and self-contained studios
  • High-speed internet and free Wi-Fi
  • Communal lounge and shared kitchen facilities with smart LCD TVs
  • 24-hour CCTV security and controlled building access via reception
  • Fully equipped state-of-the-art gym and yoga lounge
  • Large meeting area, lounge and study areas
  • Games room with pool tables, entertainment facilities and smart LCD TVs
  • Restaurant
  • UK’s best-performing asset class
  • Increased demand from overseas investors
  • 2.3 million students are in higher education in the UK

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Get your guide to UK ‘s top asset class

Student Accommodation developments are specifically designed and built to fulfil the needs of students, while smart property investors also benefit from a high yielding and easy income.


These privately-owned university apartments ensure a safe and secure living environment, with massive space for study and entertainment such as games rooms, gym, cinemas and inclusive of high-speed WIFI and Satellite TV.


One of the prime benefits of this investment is that residents have a completely hassle-free lifestyle, encircled by like-minded students that allow them to make the most of their time at university.


Generally, purpose built student accommodations developments are situated close to campus locations offering students the ease and flexibility to access lectures, seminars and other social events.

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Invest In The UK’s Biggest Seaside Resort

The North Devon Coastline provides a picture-perfect scenery for Woolacombe, where the ‘Atlantic Bay Hotel’ will be the third property in the Premier Hotel Collection.

This stunning hotel will offer a welcoming retreat for the immensely growing number of visitors to this extremely popular resort.

The Victorian resort and beautiful bay are just a few minutes away from the Atlantic Bay Hotel.

The Atlantic Bay Hotel is one of the most popular venues for weddings, events and known for its spectacular views across the Bay, it enjoys year-round bookings.

Offering 125% ROI.

It’s the perfect time to make an investment.

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Experience Urban Living in the UK

Metalworks located at Pumpfields, Liverpool is an exquisite development that provides investors with all life’s essentials in one elegant, efficient and beautifully designed building.


This fantastic development is a mix of attractively designed one and two bedroom apartments along with two-bed duplex apartments in two outstanding buildings on the edge of Liverpool’s vibrant commercial district.

highlights -Metalworks

Looking for a Buy To Let?

Then, Metalworks is the development we recommend!

It is in the right shape, right style and situated in the perfect location.

We believe in making your life simpler and easier.


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Holmer Green Moves Closer to Planning Permission

South Bucks and Chiltern Councils have identified our site in Holmer Green as one that has Planning Potential.
In a Consultation Document called ‘GREEN BELT PREFERRED OPTIONS CONSULTATION’ our site has been selected as one that may be removed from the Green Belt.
Holmer Green Site
Last week our Managing Director, Bob Clarke met with Developers and Planners to discuss “what next”
Many companies show their keen interest to be part of our future plans for this site.
In our opinion, the value of each plot has already increased, due to this news.
 south bucks plan
Yet another reason why Herald Land is the Market Leader in what we do.

Here’s why Stoke on Trent could be your next investment destination

Herald Land gives you an opportunity to invest in England’s West Midlands region, Stoke on Trent, which is just an hour’s drive from Liverpool and Manchester and a 90 minute train ride from London.

qstudios- stoke.png

Being the UK’s second fastest growing economy since the last five years, stoke on Trent is growing from strength to strength with more than £1.5 billion regeneration funding being invested over the next decade.

Stoke is one of the most recognized student homes in the UK with 22,700 students enrolled at Keele University and Staffordshire University. Being Europe’s current city of sport and a UK city of culture nominee, Stoke is one of the greenest cities in the UK with over 1,380 hectares of open green space.


Currently, the total number of purpose built bed spaces in Stoke on Trent (including university owned stock) account up to 4,779.

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Great Investment Opportunity in Bromley

Herald Land offers you a great investment opportunity located within the London Borough of Bromley; a distinctive part of London’s suburbs that is closely connected to London’s economy, and has one of the largest economies south of the Thames.

Image result for land in uk

In close proximity to this site are some added facilities such as  local shops, businesses, sports and leisure facilities, schools, clinics, banks, post offices and wide range of entertainment facilities.

Image result for bromley post office

Image result for bromley clinic

Employment rate in the Borough has been forecasted for an increase by 22% that is 141,000 jobs in 2031 according to GLA 2016 Labour Market Projections.

Bromley is highly known to be one of the largest and progressive economies of London boroughs outside the Central Activities Zone.

Another highlight of this is site is Bromley is situated in an area that is high on employment and local centres provide employment in all sectors except the heavy industry.

Bromley is a well-connected area which is easy to commute from Central London that also has great job prospects in all sectors.

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Investment Success Begins here.

If you have been planning to invest on land or property in the UK real estate market, then you may have to take a step further in considering our Herald Land experts in this regard.

  1. The land we offer:

We carefully select and research a land for investment and also provide our clients with the same.

charlwood2-surrey-uk-countryside - Copy

Land investments is a profitable and secure investment option in the UK real estate market that has never failed to guarantee better results. It is the safest way investors can invest their money in.

  1. Accommodation Facility


We offer some of the most attractive and first class student property in some of the well-known universities of the UK. Investing in student property assures in yielding a profit up to 9%.

  1. Airport Parking

Airport car parking at Manchester, Glasgow and Gatwick have immense possibilities of expansion are regarded for yielding the highest rate of returns up to 12%.

Image result for airport car park

Here’s are the reasons why choosing Herald Land for your investments will be one of the best decisions of your life.

  • Here at Herald Land we have maintained high standards of professionalism in the field since 2009.
  • We have developed a trustworthy and long term relationship with our clients and will continue to do so.
  • We have some of the most highly qualified consultants on board who have years of experience in identifying the best investment options in the UK real estate market.
  • We support, guide and assist our clients in making the right and profitable investments in UK. Herald Land incorporates its core values and principles in everything that they do for the satisfaction & benefit of their customers.


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Residential property prices in England could hike to £1 Million by 2037

Prices in England are set to average over £300,000 in the next decade if they increase as much as they have in the last 10 years, new research shows.


In London prices are expected to rise over £800,000 and in the South East of England it would be over £445,000 according to a study noted from an online estate agent eMoov.

The report further states that since the last decade prices in England have increased by 29% and a similar kind of increase expected now and 2027 would see average house values rise to £301,864. In that case, in London prices would rise to 80% to £866,719 and in the South-East price values are expected to rise of 43% to £445.159.

For instance, in the North-West prices would increase to just £158,131 and in the East and West Midlands it would be £205,870 and £183,883.

To read more: http://www.propertywire.com/news/uk/average-house-price-england-reach-close-1-million-2037/

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