UK Property: The Highest Yielding Investment Opportunity in the UK.

UK property has become one of the highest yielding opportunities in the UK. With the fall of the sterling many investors take advantage of this occasion in investing on one of the most sort after locations of the UK.


According to latest index suggests, the number of new rental properties in prime central London from July – August have seen 40% hike in rents.

The overall increase in properties are evident at 38.9% which is looked upon as a welcome sign of the market getting better from Brexit.

Herald Land witnessed a tremendous response to our UK investment opportunities with investors continue to be drawn to property including Buy To – Let as returns rapidly outperformed those of other investments.

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Lets set our intentions right at the start of the week!

Cityscape Qatar 2015

Cityscape Qatar 2015

​With Cityscape Qatar opening its doors to real estate investors on 11-13 May at Doha Exhibition Center, Herald Land is happy to invite you to our stand, where we will be pleased to present to you selection of the most promising, valued and hassle free UK investment options.

As Herald Land gears up towards launching new investment projects in the UK, investors from all over Middle East are shelling out billions in UK’s real estate market.

Currently a hotspot for investment, UK, have been largely overlooked by overseas investors. 2014 and 2015 sow Britain’s house prices rocketing out of control, as demand is so high.

Newer investment ventures which will be introduced at forthcoming event by Herald Land give attractive yearly returns and is the perfect open door for Qatari investors who are searching for a safe and productive venture.

We will be happy to welcome you at our stand T10, from 11am-9pm during Cityscape Qatar, 11-13 May 2015, Doha Exhibition Centre. Discover more affordable, yet still attractive alternative.

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UK housing market remains strong 

Herald Land

Herald Land – don’t bury your savings – invest in UK now!

The general elections happening in the UK are hovering around. However, this does not have any effect on UK’s housing market. The demand for houses still continues to rise drastically.

Our sole objective remains to provide valued UK property investments to investors all over the globe.

During our exhibition at Cityscape Abu Dhabi last week, we welcomed and collaborated with new investors and made available fresh and exclusive investment options with show discounts and offers.

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Our next show is in 2 weeks in Qatar.

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A Time Limited Investment Opportunity!

Herald Land
Invest in UK today!

Herald Land offer a number of exclusive and new UK real estate projects at International Property Show Dubai. The show is live now at Dubai World Trade Centre. You can find Herald Land stand D54 in Hall 4. Do not miss out this amazing opportunity! Tomorrow is the last day of exclusive offers and discounts! Start your investment now!

All of Herald Land projects already have a large interest and will be offered out to investors on a first come, first served basis!

We offer a range of investment options from freehold land to airport parking, student property and buy-to-let hotel room investments in a most stable country in the world.

All our projects have supreme locations, hands-off and wealth generating investment option!

Are you ready to invest in UK?

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British people need more housing – use it to your benefit, find out how

Herald Land_UK land for sale

Herald Land_UK land for sale

We know for a fact that the UK is confronting an intense housing shortage. The Confederation of British Industries (CBI) accepts Britain needs to manufacture 240,000 houses a year to match up to rising population.

With net relocation to the UK being 298,000 in 2014, the most recent evaluations suggest that Britain needs to construct one house every 7 minutes to meet a net rise in population of 298,000. Considering a family unit of four individuals, 74,500 homes are needed to house 298,000 individuals. Dividing 525,600 minutes in a year by 74,500, you get one home expecting to be fabricated at regular intervals.
The CBI proposal of 240,000 homes a year is to keep up with population growth and not simply migration. Migrants represent 60% of populace development. Accordingly, as indicated by this figure – 60% of the CBI’s housing necessity – an aggregate of 144,000 homes every year would be required by new immigrants. As per this balanced figure and utilizing the same count as over, one house needs to be manufactured each four (3.6) minutes rather than every 7 minutes, to provide housing facilities to new migrants.

It is imperative to notice that different sorts of transients, with diverse rights, opportunities and assets are prone to have altogether different encounters of and effects on the UK housing sector.

Keeping these facts and figures in mind, it is safe to say that land investments are safe, lucrative and will be constantly sought after. This investment is something that can make you richer in your sleep! This is the principle of land investment, you buy land and wait.

Today, Herald Land are offering one of our newest and best-selling UK land site just 32kms northwest of Central London. This is a highly desirable location, with convenient road links to Central London and the metropolitan area. Moreover, this investment is tax free with no maintenance of hidden charges.

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Development and growth of Herald Land

Herald Land - land investments

Herald Land – land investments

We would like to welcome 2015 with all our friends, colleagues and clients!

Leaving behind 2014, we have left significant footprints reflecting development and growth of Herald Land.

During the year, we successfully bagged the title as the Region’s #1 provider of UK real estate projects.

We are extremely choosy when it comes to picking our projects. We like to remain exclusive and only market/sell those projects that are of great value.

It is safe to say that we turn down an approximate of 50 projects for every 1 project we select. Herald Land’s resolution for the year 2015 is to launch lucrative investment opportunities to our clients, which could be short, medium or long term, depending on the requirement.

While we focus on real estate projects in and around London, we also dwell upon areas that have great potential, like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Sometime this year, in May, the UK is conducting a general election to vote in a new government.

The elections held last year resulted in an alliance between the conservatives and the liberal democrats. Political commentators are predicting a similar result, if not a whole new coalition.

The result of these elections could cause the US Dollar to strengthen its position against the British Pound.
Since more currencies in the GCC are pit against the US $, buying UK properties now, would make it a much more attractive investment.

Among other things, Herald Land is certain about one thing; providing transparent and unparalleled investments with all the guidance you might need during your investment journey. Right from the beginning until the end.

Herald Land’s Bespoke Solutions

The world of property investment keeps getting better for those investing in the UK
The UK has the second lowest tax rate on development at 8.88% following Luxembourg’s 8.46%.
Making the UK even more attractive is the fact that there is no tax on land ownership.
For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK property.

Herald Land - Bespoke Solutions

Herald Land offers tailor-made real estate investment solutions to large investors securing investments of £300,000 to £20 million.

The one thing property has going for it over equity investments is stability. Moreover, that stability is one of the reasons the UK has been such an attractive investment location for so long. Other than the downturn caused by the housing crash – which affected everyone else in the world, too – the UK property market has remained solid for decades.

The stability of housing investments is really the result of one simple thing: need. In other words, there will be a need for rental housing as long as there is a need for housing. That means the housing market is not as easily influenced by every little thing like equity markets are. When you invest in stocks, you could be independently wealthy one day and flat broke the next. It is a great way to invest for those who do not mind the risk. Nevertheless, property is a better way to go for those who want a greater return than savings and pensions without the instability of equity markets.

It is true that you will not make 10% or better with property overnight. Property investing is a long-term strategy that requires patience and vision. However, over a ten-year period of investing in cheap houses in the right locations, you are likely to do far better than most other types of investments you can think of. Property is stable, property is a necessity, and property is not subject to as much fluctuation as other investments. You can bank on that.

Bespoke Solutions

Whilst many investors face challenges within today’s property market, often the solutions to these challenges are based uniquely on a customer’s context.  Therefore, we provide bespoke solutions to help our customers to define, design, implement, and support the tailored investment needs and scenarios that underpin our customers’ business.

Herald Land offers tailor-made real estate investment solutions to large investors securing investments of £300,000 to £20 million. Whether our client is an individual or large financial institution, our experts will source the appropriate real estate in strategic location, in order for them to maximize on their ideal investment. We have extensive experience in advising our clients on joint ventures, and in special circumstances, we consider strategic alliances with us, at Herald Land.

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Herald Land

Herald Land

UK land investments

Hi everyone,

In this post I will talk about who are Herald Land, why invest in the UK and highlight benefits of land investment.

UK land investments

UK land investments

Who are Herald Land

Herald Land is British owned and managed real estate Investment Company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Our company is registered at Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), with the number 661 in the Emirate of Dubai. All staff RERA compliant.

We are differentiating ourselves from other real estate companies as specialist in UK property market. Specialization, concentration and consistency is the key to our outstanding performance.

We know more and more about less and less 🙂

We at Herald Land offer a wide range of low entry, high yielding, safe, secure and lucrative investment opportunities around the UK, through our extensive portfolio of investment options such as land, student property, buy-to-let, airport parking, residential.

We have genuinely global presence with our offices situated in UAE, UK and Hong Kong.
Our multinational team speak 13 different languages.

With a diversified team of dedicated people Herald Land endeavors to uphold the highest possible standards in everything we do to ensure our service exceeds all expectations.

Our 30 investment consultants includes professionals from different parts of the world…  15 nationalities – British,  Belarussian, Indian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Ukrainian, Chinese, Jordanian, Pakistani, Uzbekistani, Kenyan, Romanian, Sudanese, Filipino, Algerian

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”. A very thoughtful quote by Henry Ford. I would like to flaunt Herald Land as living example of a flourishing business.

Who are Herald Land

Who are Herald Land

Why UK

Let’s think strategically. The market is buzzing with opportunity as investors and developers pledge to focus on the UK market recovery.

For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK real estate investments.

The one thing property has going for it over equity investments is stability. The stability of housing investments is really the result of one simple thing: need.

UK real estate investments

UK real estate investments

UK’s real estate market is like a magnet, attracting wealth from all over the globe. We have foreign investors shell out thousands of pounds in UK investments because of its great value in today’s time. And now, there’s no stopping.

Over the years, it has been noticed that there is an escalating rise in demand for houses in the UK, however demand and supply in this case aren’t at par. This is what makes land THE-most valuable asset.

Changing economic conditions have made the UK real estate market an attractive prospect for international private and institutional investors. We have investors from all over GCC who are very keen on investing in our UK projects as UK property market payoffs.

UK land

UK land

UK land

Land investment in the UK is the best way to generate wealth!

Now, it is the most fascinating investment then at any point of the history.

The massive gap among housing market supply and demand in many of UK’s most popular and dynamic cities is pressuring local economies, and hampering their ability to drive national growth. It’s putting massive cost and pressure on people who live there, as housing affordability falls. Everybody agree across the political band that something must be done.

Garden cities, brownfield land, greenbelt land – these are the main topics of today debates. With vast housing crises all options are on the table to make it closer to the progress UK housing market and economy need. Local authorities are discussing how they can meet these needs not only have new housing, but also truly affordable housing, and that means the government needs to free up the council’s hands to build social homes in momentous numbers.

During last decade some green belt land has already been released and government recognize its importance in housing past, present and future. No one is arguing that there is a need for growth in the UK, and we can see more and more that councils go through a very careful evaluation of the green belt bounties, and the number of houses needed for 2031, and could they be met without building on the green belt.

For the investor looking to build a long-term portfolio with increasingly greater yield over time, nothing beats UK land investments.

Land investment opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where you can safely invest in a lucrative stable market which is always on the rise.

What plays a positive impact when considering land as an investment?

UK property is now selling in much greater proportions than at any time in recent years, with demand and the continued low supply meaning that homes are being snapped up far quicker than in the past. This increased demand, in a market where supply remains constrained, means that land values are expected to continue their upwards trajectory.

This accentuates the need for the volume of land coming through the reformed planning system to continue increasing at the rates we have seen during the last 18 months.

With very restricted and limited availability of land we can build on, it become impossible to not see big potential of UK land investment.

Herald Land is bringing to you the best opportunity to generate wealth! Now you can take advantage of all factors which are driving land values up and become a proud land owner in one of the most stable countries in the world – the UK.

We are happy to offer you strategic land sites situated in highly desirable locations, close proximity to residential developments and rail way stations.

UK land – your number one investment choice!

  • The pass of becoming land owner in the UK is simple and straightforward with Herald land. These are some benefits of land investments over other investment types
  • 100% ownership of land guaranteed by title deeds with the UK Government Land Registry
  • No TAX on purchase price
  • No maintenance fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Very desirable location, close to existing settlements
  • Excellent road and rail links within Central London
  • Low cost, solid investment of this caliber are in short supply and very high demand.
  • Real property, not allied with financial markets and protects you against unexpected market variations
  • Prices growth driven by a strong demand for land

Land in the UK has proved to be a stable, secure, tangible asset that is a prudent diversification tool to any investment portfolio in these hard times.

Kings Langley site

This is one of our most successful sites. In such a short span of time the first two phases of Kings Langley were quickly sold out, while we are currently in the process of selling the third and just launched the fourth phase.

Buy UK land
Buy UK land

What are you waiting for, come and join us 🙂

The time is now, the right choice is not to delay, the initiative begins with taking action and knowing that your valuable assets will be ones which will make you proud. Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait!

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2015 is shaping up as UK property market defining year for land investments

2015 is shaping up year for the land market, especially in the UK.

Herald Land is a specialist in UK land investments, and we see rural properties with economies-of-scale and value-adding opportunities as being particularity sought-after next year.

Herald Land

UK land investments with Herald Land

Fast growing demand and very low supply of housing is not leveling up with rapid population grows, and prospects of substantially higher cattle prices with all have an influence on property trends next year.

For potential foreign investors in land sector, the recovering movement of UK housing market is adding considerable attraction to investment in the UK land.

Not a secret that the level of land supply on UK property market is very tiny, and to meet housing targets this is putting a lot of weight on local councils around the UK. Today we see more and more land being rezoned for developments in areas which had restrictions for ages. UK land in 2014 became more attractive asset to buyers than ever before, and grew in probably one of the smarter thing an investor could do. We have seen further interest from Chinese & Hong Kong investors this year, which are prepared to take a longer-term view on UK land investment. They also typically recognize benefits such as geographic position of our land sites close to London, tax and maintenance exempt investments, stable and strong country, and the generally positive outlook and attractive investment option. Interest in land investment is rising from Middle Eastern investors as well.

Land sites for sale

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Moving into 2015 we expect demand to focus on rural assets offering value-add opportunities through land ownership. Property prices have risen to record highs with increased demand. It is notable that the recent increase in property prices is leading to value resetting in land sale, and we see next year as a strong year for UK land market. To point to the rise in land value in the majority of UK regions in recent years – most of which had recorded double digit grows rates. UK land investment represent a low deflation risk, corrected market place with potential upside on both cash and capital returns.

Importantly, market confidence is a critical component and improved sentiment is steadily building at a investor-to investor level.

Land for sale in most desirable locations

Worn part of Britain

We will be happy to guide you to though all benefits of UK land investment and our easy purchase process. You can register by following link below, and we will be in touch with you shortly

Don’t wait to buy land…
Buy land, and wait…

Will yours be next?

Herald Land is a real estate company specializing in UK property market. With our range of real estate investment options we can help you to become better real estate investor.
Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been investing in real estate for years, Herald Land is your right source of real estate investment opportunities.

Invest in UK

Investing in UK real estate, and particularly in UK land is a means to an end: wealth building.


Over time your land is gaining serious equity and provide you with substantial appreciation.

Every investor of real estate knows the value of land because “they are not manufacturing anymore.” With the increase in population, environmental concerns, construction costs, building requirements, inflation and low interest rates, real estate will most likely continue to increase in value.


This is a unique offer in the market place and we are happy to be able to offer you this route of becoming proud real estate investor.


“Get rich quick” is not a reality


Yes, people have made money quickly in real estate. However, the overnight successes are simply the exception, not the rule. We at Herald Land believe that true wealth is made a strategic plan, proper implementation, and time.


No question is a bad question


You’ve heard the cliche before: There are no dumb questions. At Herald Land – we encourage open discussion about any topics relating to real estate investing. If you can’t find the answer through our search tool on the site, then simply ask it on our social networks. The answers to your question will not only help you – but countless others who come behind you to read it. By engaging daily with our experts, asking questions, reading blogs, and in any other way participating – you will get confidence in your investment choice.


Herald Land is here for you

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