Homeowners in the wealthiest parts of the UK must accept new housing plans

Homeowners in the wealthiest parts of the UK must accept new housing plans

Homeowners in wealthy parts of the UK will be forced to accept proposals for new homes in order to tackle Britain’s housing crisis, the UK Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has said.

The UK government wants communities that have benefitted from growth in property prices to help tackle the shortage of housing in Britain.

New rules to increase council housing targets will be published in the next three weeks.

To read more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/04/families-living-wealthiest-parts-country-must-accept-new-homes/    

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Development and growth of Herald Land

Herald Land - land investments

Herald Land – land investments

We would like to welcome 2015 with all our friends, colleagues and clients!

Leaving behind 2014, we have left significant footprints reflecting development and growth of Herald Land.

During the year, we successfully bagged the title as the Region’s #1 provider of UK real estate projects.

We are extremely choosy when it comes to picking our projects. We like to remain exclusive and only market/sell those projects that are of great value.

It is safe to say that we turn down an approximate of 50 projects for every 1 project we select. Herald Land’s resolution for the year 2015 is to launch lucrative investment opportunities to our clients, which could be short, medium or long term, depending on the requirement.

While we focus on real estate projects in and around London, we also dwell upon areas that have great potential, like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Sometime this year, in May, the UK is conducting a general election to vote in a new government.

The elections held last year resulted in an alliance between the conservatives and the liberal democrats. Political commentators are predicting a similar result, if not a whole new coalition.

The result of these elections could cause the US Dollar to strengthen its position against the British Pound.
Since more currencies in the GCC are pit against the US $, buying UK properties now, would make it a much more attractive investment.

Among other things, Herald Land is certain about one thing; providing transparent and unparalleled investments with all the guidance you might need during your investment journey. Right from the beginning until the end.

Demand is likely to remain strong

Since demand for land/housing is rising on a daily basis, prices are predicted to escalate quickly.



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