UK land investment

Herald Land - UK land investment

Timeless & wisest of all investments! Great land sites in most desirable locations near London.

Ever thought about land as an investment?

We are happy to offer you strategic land sites situated in highly desirable locations, close proximity to residential developments and rail way stations.

  • 100% freehold land available to all nationalities
  • No tax
  • No stamp duty
  • No maintenance fees
  • Up to 4 names on 1 title dead

Valuable factors for land investors

  • Finite supply of land that we can build on
  • Housing supply/ demand imbalance
  • Population and household grows
  • Notable transformation of housing market in 2013-2014
  • Strong property price growth

Strategic land is back in play, as investors and developers commit to the UK market recovery most notably in the stronger markets in which it is possible to sell quickly enough to generate a competitive return on capital. Many such sites, stalled in the downturn, are entering a new phase of activity, with plans re-evaluated for the new market era.

Strategic land in the UK is now a more compelling investment than at any point in history, outperforming virtually all other traditional asset classes.

“This land is your land…”


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